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Rich countries reminded of the need to help the poor with COVID-19 vaccines

The slow pace of reallocation of COVID-19 vaccines from rich to poor countries is deeply troubling. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Helen Clarke, former co-chairs of the Independent Pandemic Preparedness Commission, said this. The Independent Commission in its report recommended that everything be done to ensure that rich countries provide 92 low- and middle-income countries with at least 1 billion vaccines by September 1, and another 1 billion by mid-2022. Ensuring that everyone who is most vulnerable to the virus, including healthcare workers, the elderly, and those with serious illnesses, is quickly vaccinated everywhere, will be a critical step in the fight against the pandemic, Johnson Sirleaf and Clark said. 

UN Secretary General calls on world to help Afghans

Afghanistan is entering a new phase amid a deepening humanitarian and economic crisis, which deeply worries the UN Secretary General. In a statement released on the day that the US military confirmed that it had completely withdrawn from Afghanistan, the Secretary General outlined a grim but real picture of an impending humanitarian disaster: almost half of the population, 18 million people, would not survive without humanitarian aid. Every third inhabitant does not know what and when he will be able to eat next time. More than half of Afghan children under five are projected to be on the verge of starvation next year. António Guterres calls on the nations of the world to help the Afghans in this difficult hour for them.

The WHO assessed the situation with the coronavirus in Europe

In many countries in the WHO European Region, the COVID-19 virus is on the rise again. In the past two weeks, thirty-three states have reported more than 10 percent increase in incidence. Mortality is on the rise again in the region. A particularly difficult situation has developed in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries. According to Hans Kluge, head of the WHO European Office, the epidemiological picture in the WHO European Region, which includes 53 countries, is ambiguous. To date, there have been 64 million confirmed cases and 1.3 million deaths. Today, a sharp increase in cases of the disease is observed in the Balkans, the Caucasus and the republics of Central Asia. Hospitals overcrowded in several countries in Europe and Central Asia and coronavirus- related deaths are on the rise… In this situation, it is extremely important to maintain an appropriate level of protection for the population, including through the use of vaccines and masks.

UN Special Rapporteur Calls For Cancellation Of Sentence To Russian Human Rights Defender

The independent UN Special Rapporteur called on the Russian authorities to overturn the sentence against human rights activist Semyon Simonov and not use the law on “foreign agents” “to punish people whose legal activities are aimed at protecting human rights.” Semyon Simonov, head of the Southern Human Rights Center in Sochi, was convicted of refusing to register as a “foreign agent” under the 2012 law. The effect of this law, as noted by the expert, applies to those who accept any amount of foreign funding and at the same time carry out activities that the authorities consider to be political. In July, a judge in Sochi sentenced Simonov to 250 hours of community service for failing to pay a fine of RUB 300,000 imposed in 2017 for refusing to register as a “foreign agent.”



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