World of entertainment


Discover a world of entertainment above the clouds

Your flight will turn into an exciting pastime

The First Class onboard entertainment program contains over 100 films in up to eight multilingual languages. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters, contemporary German and European films, as well as films made in Japan, China, India and many other countries. In addition, our collection contains 200 TV programs and a variety of entertainment content for families with children. TV series lovers will appreciate our collection of the most popular TV series for entire seasons. Passengers can also find the latest news on live TV channels – CNN and Euronews, follow sports events on Sports 24, and receive flight and Lufthansa information. The Audio section will offer you a wide selection of CDs, audiobooks, playlists and podcasts from around the world.

Ideal travel work environment

As the plane flies to your destination, you can concentrate fully on your work – in a quiet, calm and confidential environment. Excellent soundproofing of the interior reduces noise to a minimum, and the table next to your seat is ideal for work. You are in complete privacy, but connected to the world: use your phone to make calls or FlyNet® service for fast broadband Internet access around the world. 

Enjoy every moment

Whether you want to work or relax, we have the perfect environment for you: fast on-board internet, a varied Lufthansa Media World entertainment program and high-quality Bose noise canceling headphones. Want to watch a movie, TV series or listen to classical music? Just pick an activity to your liking and enjoy the moment


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