Who is responsible for harvesting foliage in St. Petersburg, where they are taken out and how often



 The rustling foliage underfoot is, of course, romantic. But only until the moment when it starts to rot and interfere with the passage and driveway. Journalists of the Peterburg2 edition found out from the specialists of the improvement committee who is responsible for cleaning the fallen leaves, whether it is necessary to clean the lawns of them and whether it is possible to burn organic waste.

 Who is responsible for cleaning foliage in yards, from sidewalks, from highways, in parks

In the courtyards, the maintenance of trees and bushes is carried out by authorized organizations. Most often: local management companies.

Road companies and organizations are responsible for cleaning up fallen leaves on roads and sidewalks; for cleaning parks, gardens, public gardens of urban significance – gardening enterprises of the Committee for Improvement.

Supervises the quality, volume and timing of work of St. Petersburg State Institution “Center for Integrated Improvement”.

How often leaves should be harvested and where to pay in case of poor harvesting

According to the regulations, raking of leaves and organic waste in parks, gardens and squares, removal and disposal is carried out 1 time in the spring and from 1 to 6 times in the fall, depending on the category of the object.

How often leaves should be removed from the road and sidewalks is related to how popular they are, that is, the higher the traffic, the more often you need to clean them.

For a quick solution to the issues of cleaning roads, you can contact the duty services of road enterprises. Phone numbers are available on the official website of the improvement committee. Also, in the Committee for Improvement, a duty service works around the clock, seven days a week. By phone number 314-60-13, townspeople can contact with questions, suggestions or complaints related to the cleaning of territories.

Should foliage be removed, in addition to paths, also from lawns, because it can serve as fertilizer for the soil

Cleaning of leaves during leaf fall in the territories of gardens, parks, squares and artificial lawns is mandatory. The leaves left have a bad effect on the grass stand: they contribute to its drying out, and when decaying, the remaining leaves form a litter, which does not allow maintaining the grass cover of proper quality.

At the same time, it is noted that in large parks (Sosnovka, Udelny Park, Aleksandrino, etc.), in those areas that are far from city highways, fallen leaves are not removed.

What tools are used to clean foliage

The harvesting of leaves from lawns is carried out both with the use of small-scale mechanization and manually.

With small daily accumulations of dry or wet leaves on roads, bike paths and sidewalks, work is carried out by sweepers. During intensive leaf fall, as a result of which roads, bike paths and sidewalks are completely covered with a layer of fallen leaves up to 30 mm high, the foliage is pre-raked into heaps using raking shovels.

Should the leaves collected in heaps be immediately taken out and where?

In order to prevent contamination of the adjacent territories, as well as to carry out repeated harvesting, fallen leaves are removed immediately after their formation in heaps. The collected leaves and garbage are delivered to specialized landfills by enterprises engaged in the processing of household waste. It is strictly forbidden to burn foliage.


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