Having started to travel once, it is no longer possible to stop. In confirmation of this, the various stories of travelers . It’s not just about adventures and broadening your horizons – travel changes life for the better.

Anna Markova: I travel to get a better taste for life. Unnecessary worries and anxieties accumulated during working days go out of my head. It is possible to cleanse oneself and then start work not only with renewed vigor, but also with a clear head. In my profession, I have to be extremely concentrated, attentive, even meticulous, and in the case of deadlines – become a superman and have time to complete the project on time. This is a great mental and psychological burden, which can best be dealt with by disconnecting from this environment for a while. Travel is the ideal distraction.

Ivan Startsev: Each journey changes a person uniquely. I make music, and while traveling I have met and continue to meet unusual people who in the future will become a part of my work. These are the musicians with whom we created collaborations, the music collectors with whom I now manage the labels.

Nikita Semyonov: Traveling is an invaluable experience that allows you to be in the trend of modern life. Today, those who travel and bring what they see into their lives have a much better chance of success in both their personal and professional lives. Travel is about knowledge, topics of conversation, new friends, inspiration, reboot and non-standard situations that make us stronger anyway. You can spend your whole life in your city and think that it cannot be better. But when you travel, you see how different we are and how good it is when you can take the best to put into practice at home or at work.


  1. Better to see once

It would seem that the XXI century – anything you want can be found on the Internet without getting up from the couch. There is no need to go to the other side of the world, just turn on the TV or open the Internet. But still. Nothing beats personal experiences and emotions. You can flip through an album of paintings, or you can look at paintings in the Prado Museum. You can watch the Discovery Channel, or you can sail in a boat next to the whales. You can flip through Instagram with photos of balloons in Cappadocia, or you can meet the sunrise, standing in a basket high above the ground. How about visiting places from your favorite books and films? Notre Dame, Carrie Bradshaw’s home, Hobbiton, Rio’s beaches, hot Rome, a Harry Potter theme park – surely everyone has a list of sacred places. Books, films, stories of friends – all these are other people’s experiences and impressions,

  1. Get new knowledge

Traveling is one of the ways of self-education, leaving without new knowledge is impossible. Get to know the history of the city, look into museums: history, painting, sculpture, archaeology – a list for every taste. Are you learning a foreign language? Go practice it. If you are shy, start small: chatting with shop assistants, waiters in cafes, etc. If you are staying through couchserfing or living in a common room in a hostel, communication is inevitable. A couple of weeks of vigorous practice will yield better results than months alone with a textbook.


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