Tips to keep in mind when carrying a baby in a scarf


If you’re an expectant mom or a new mom, you’ve probably heard of wearing a scarf once or twice (or dozens of times). There are many benefits to carrying a newborn this way, it is comforting for them, it helps reduce crying, and you can keep them close while still moving.

You can notice a considerable increase in the number of mothers who use this accessory every day on the streets of the city. Many of them acquired through suppliers such as Koaita that are exclusively dedicated to the sale of this class of products in all their models and colors. If you choose to wear a wrap to transport your little one, here’s how to keep it safe at all times.

Make sure it is suitable and look at several before buying
Some factors can increase the risk of suffocation when wearing a wrap. If your baby is less than 4 months old, premature, had a low birth weight or has a cold or respiratory problem, we recommend that you consult your trusted pediatrician before using it.

Once you are sure that it is suitable for your baby, before buying it, try several to see which is the best for you and the newborn. One way to find out if it could suit your needs is to get in touch with a group or a mom who has already used it and tell you about their experience. If you manage to make contact with a support group, each one will be able to give you their point of view, perhaps some used ergonomic backpacks (more info here ) and others a sling model. You can also visit stores that sell the brands you are considering and once you’ve narrowed down your options, confirm that your baby’s age, height, and weight meet the product guidelines.
The first time always take a seat
A wrap has a lot of fabric and putting it on can have its learning curve, so practice many times before you start wearing your baby. When it is the first time, it is important that you try to do it from a safe place and with help.

Some mothers recommend doing it sitting on a carpet floor. First practice wrapping the wrap around your body and adjusting the fabric. Then add it’s baby substitute, it may help to use a teddy bear, doll, or bag of flour to add some weight to the exercise. Make sure you have someone there who can help you in case you need an extra set of hands. But do your best to do it on your own too, as there will be times when you will have to get your baby in and out of the wrap yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you can try it with your baby.

Be wise with the weather
During winter, you can put your baby in the scarf and wear a loose coat over both. Try using your partner’s jacket, a maternity coat, a baby coat, or a carrier cover. If you wear a coat, close it only partially so you can still see your baby’s face. Never cover your head with a blanket. No matter how thin you are, that can make it hard for you to breathe.

In hot climates, it is recommended to wear a wrap that has breathable fabric, dress your baby and yourself in light and airy clothing, stay in the shade as much as possible and keep you and your baby well hydrated.



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