Simple arithmetic


 I once came to a construction exhibition and was surprised to notice that the pavilion does not have a single car more expensive than a million rubbles. Basically, these are old “Zhongli” or very “tired” foreign cars. They are used by 90 percent of people who make the life of their fellow countrymen more comfortable and beautiful. They receive good money for their work, but in the end they themselves do not begin to live better even after 5-10 years. Why is that? I thought for a long time and understood: the reason is in the wrong attitude to my business, money and tools that the state gives entrepreneurs. Many masters do not know how or even do not want to use these opportunities. They just walk on the knurled one, – says Dmitry Stoyanova.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur himself does not miss a single chance to gain new knowledge, skills and opportunities in order to become more successful.

Opening his own apartment renovation company, Dmitry already knew that, according to statistics, most of his colleagues are closed within the first three years. Some were unable to reach the expected profits, others did not have enough experience to develop their competitive advantages, and still others simply worked in the old fashioned way – “from order to order”.

Dmitry, on the other hand, always followed the rule: on the way to the goal, you must use all the opportunities that life offers. Especially if they are given for free.

– In 2018, I opened an individual entrepreneur, a current account, became tax-registered and planned to rent an office. At that moment, an acquaintance said that the state provides start-up entrepreneurs with the opportunity to rent a workplace in a coworking centre. That is, you will have your own table, chair, a free socket for connecting a computer, the Internet, a printer, a place to meet with partners and contractors. At the same time, you do not have to pay for all the benefits. It’s a dream! And I decided to apply, – said the entrepreneur.



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