2020 motivated us to rethink our lifestyle habits. We adapted to the new realities, and even after the completion of the next lockdown, many of us began to spend more time at home and cook more often. Naturally, the interest in the arrangement of living space is only growing. 

Now the main requirement for household appliances is multifunctionality. In response to the demands of modern times, Samsung presented the Bespoke line.

Samsung Bespoke includes a range of technical innovations that reflect the spirit of the times and are designed to improve everyday life. Li Chesin, President and Head of the Digital Devices Division of the company, spoke about this at Bespoke Home 2021. A steam oven, a robot vacuum cleaner, an air purifier, a home control platform – all these and many other novelties are designed to enter our everyday reality. 

Customized refrigerator Bespoke

The idea behind a custom refrigerator is the ability to mix and match different colors and finishes. At the moment there are 7 different coatings and more than 20 original colors. The refrigerator itself is made taking into account the latest technical developments. Among its advantages are the large capacity and the option of heavy-duty cooling.  

The Bespoke collection, which also includes microwaves and dishwashers, benefits from a unified aesthetic. Thanks to this approach, the kitchen space is designed to become holistic.

In Ukraine, the Bespoke line   is represented by a single-chamber refrigerator and freezer with a height of 1.85 m, as well as a model of a refrigerator with a lower freezer with a height of 1.85 m or 2 m. Among the colors available are gray and beige in frosted glass. Pink, lilac, classic burgundy, classic blue and classic white – in glossy glass. And also white and charcoal – in metal. 

Steam oven Bespoke AirDresser

 The steam oven is the ultimate in ease of use. The item is placed in a special space that visually resembles a wardrobe. To obtain an ideal result, the device takes into account the characteristics and type of fabric, and also selects the optimal processing mode. The Bespoke AirDresser steam oven is made in a unique design and has easy-to-use functionality. 

Bespoke Air Purifier

An air purifier is another indispensable companion in a modern home. Samsung presented a device with a highly efficient cleaning system that removes up to 99.999% of 0.01 micron dust, and a smart 3 Way flow distribution system that circulates clean air in different directions. At the same time, not only the air purification technology itself has been thought out, but also the purpose: the Bespoke air purifier is also suitable for large rooms. 

Vacuum cleaner Bespoke Jet

Vacuum cleaners of the new generation are, first of all, a comprehensive solution for cleaning due to additional functions. For example, the Bespoke Jet ™ has a Clean Station ™ that connects to a charger. At the end of cleaning, the vacuum cleaner remains in the cleaning station to independently clean the contents and charge. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Jet Bot AI +

The first robot vacuum cleaner powered by Intel® AI Technology is something completely new. Jet Bot AI + uses object recognition technology as well as 3D and LiDAR sensors to determine the optimal cleaning path. This robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in camera that allows you to remotely monitor your home using the integrated SmartThings app. 

Bespoke ShoeDresser

This high-tech device is designed with the thought of careful shoe care. Bespoke ShoeDresser helps to eliminate excess moisture, as well as deodorizes and dries the product, while taking into account its basic characteristics – shape and material. 

Refrigerator Bespoke Cube

In addition to standard features, the Bespoke Cube has a modular design for storing wine, beer and cosmetics. The device works silently, so it can be placed in the bedroom, next to the sofa or anywhere else.

Bespoke Water Purifier

A water purifier is a must-have of the present time. Samsung has created the Bespoke Water Purifier with a four-level filtration system that can handle up to 2,500 liters of water. You can set the required volume and temperature of water thanks to the Bixby voice assistant.  



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