Mikhail Murashko took part in the opening of the monument to the Feat of Medical Workers in the Fight Against COVID-19


Mikhail Murasaki took part in the unveiling of the monument to the Feat of Medical Workers in the Fight against COVID-19 and thanked the doctors and nurses who continue to fight against COVID-19.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Health thanked everyone who continues to fight the pandemic – doctors, junior medical personnel, vaccine developers, volunteers and others.

“Our duty is to win and remember everyone, this is more than one million three hundred thousand medical workers who provided assistance during this period, deployed up to almost 300 thousand beds, and all this was done by the hands of medical workers,” said Mikhail Murasaki.

According to the Minister, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, Russian doctors showed dedication and heroism, and it was thanks to their feat that a large number of people were saved. The new memorial monument immortalized the feat of people who are saving the world from a pandemic.

The monument is made of bronze and stone, representing a monumental stele with a dedicatory inscription: “The feat of medical workers in the fight against COVID-19.” It also contains a sculptural composition depicting medical workers. Behind them is the planet Earth with meridians and a map of Russia. The author of the monument is the sculptor, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts – Salivate Shcherbakov.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, senators, State Duma deputies, rectors of Russian medical universities also took part in the solemn event in honor of the opening of the monument. The sculptural composition dedicated to the “Feat of Medical Workers in the Fight against COVID-19” was installed on the territory of the Sechenov University Clinical Campus in the park near the Museum of the History of Medicine.


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