Makeup in New York


Makeup in New York

In New York you will find a wide selection of makeup, cosmetics and personal hygiene products and buy products not available in Spain and Latin America. You can buy these types of products in drugstores, very chic boutiques or department stores, but stores like Victoria’s Secret also offer a good selection of beauty items. Whatever you are looking for, if you are a lover of cosmetics, you will be left with your mouth open! Make sure you have enough space in your suitcase and remember: these products are generally cheaper than in our countries.

Makeup and beauty products not available in Spain and Latin America

Thanks to international blogs, tutorials and TV shows, we have become familiar with products and brands that are not available in our home countries. You can find many of them in the United States, and at a good price! Many people, for example, buy the “redness relief eye drops”, a few drops to relieve redness of the eyes, or the lip balm “Rosebud Salve”, a very popular export product among travellers. Not forgetting the “Lady Speed stick” deodorant.

The best cosmetic stores in New York

I’ve asked my wife which stores sell the best skincare and beauty products, and here are the best tips.


True cosmetics fans have to stop by Sephora. This multi-brand store specializes in body and facial products, offering brands such as Bumble & Bumble, NARS, Make Up For Ever (MUFE), Urban Decay, KVD Vegan Beauty, and Rosebud Salve. The prettiest store is located at 119 Fifth Avenue.

New York Makeup – Sephora New York Makeup – Sephora interior

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is always full and for good reason – there are deals often, and they sell fun products at a good price. But be careful, are you going to be able to resist the temptation of promotions like “Buy 3, get 2 FREE” or “4 items for $ 20”? You will find everything you are looking for in terms of cosmetics, but there are also products for the house such as scented candles.

Makeup in New York – Bath and Body Works Makeup in New York – interior of Bath and Body Works

Cosmetic Market

Cosmetic Market has cheap and expensive brands. Products are often from other seasons, which is why they offer such good discounts. Imagine paying $ 1.50 for nail polish or $ 5 for a good brand foundation. It’s like an outlet, but it’s worth the rummage! Before going through the checkout, check that you have the correct colour, sometimes the items are in boxes that do not correspond.


American drugstores are different from those you can find in Spain or Latin America. The main difference is that these stores also tend to sell toys and food. Drugstores offer a huge assortment of products and are very cheap compared to ours. Some of the best known are CVS, Duane Reade, and Walgreens. Some of the Duane Reade and Walgreens subsidiaries are open 24 hours a day. Many drugstores have loyalty cards, which offer many benefits if you buy products in New York regularly. These drugstores sell items from brands such as Covergirl, Milani, Neutrogena and Wet ‘n’ Wild, which are difficult to find in Spain and some Latin American countries. You will also find products from well-known brands such as L’Oréal, Revlon, Rimmel and Maybelline. Beauty products from the St. Ives Beauty brand (try their apricot scrub, the “apricot scrub”!), And those from Aveeno are very popular.

New York Makeup CVS New York Makeup – Duane Reade

Small cosmetic and perfume shops

In addition to drugstores and department stores, smaller stores and specialty boutiques are worth stopping by. In SoHo you can find, for example, the first NARS store in the world, tiny, quiet and flagship (flagship), where they sell all the products of the famous brand. In the same street you will find Bond No. 9, with a wonderful selection of quite expensive perfumes. Just a little prying (with sight and smell) is already a pleasure in itself.

Another beautiful perfumery is Le Lab in NoLIta (north of Little Italy). Here you will find “perfumes with soul”, of great quality. There are some classics like ROSE 31, SANTAL 33 and TUBEREUSE 40 (only available in New York) and you can even design your own brand. It’s the perfect store to indulge yourself!

Makeup artists’ favourite brands

Space NK offers a wide selection of luxury cosmetics with brands that may not be so well known to us. The store is tastefully decorated and the products on display are very well organized. It is a good opportunity to find something new!



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