Injury, overweight


– Before the match with Malta you were asked about injuries, there were seven of them. Some players were injured before joining the national team.

– Seven? Do you consider the fact that we gave a pause to Ionov a trauma? And I don’t consider it a trauma, we just gave him a break. Three games in six days, with the volume of high-speed work that the same Ionov performs every game, is unrealistic. It is unrealistic to play three games at the same level.

– About Mario, you also said at first that there was a pause, but in the end it turned out that everything is more serious.

– Once again: Mario had an injury, Ionov had no injuries.

– After the national team, 4 more players are injured: Karavaev, Zabolotny, Cheryshev and Samoshnikov. Do you see this as a problem that this could have happened due to the load on the national team?

– No. Zabolotny, as I understand it, has a bruise; Cheryshev, as I understand it, has a bruised knee. Samoshnikov is an ankle. Karavaev – yes, in the third match, with Malta, I felt tension in the anterior muscle. From games, not from training.

– Now everyone is pressuring that the medical staff has changed: a new medical headquarters – a lot of injuries. Although we understand that there have been many injuries in the past, just no one has officially announced .

– Let them press. Normal people understand everything perfectly. Again, you name seven. Magkeev played in the last round, Chistyakov played, Fomin played. What are seven? This is football, contact game. Injuries, bruises, injuries – they will. And three of those you just named have injuries after the collisions. Again, let’s see if it’s injury or just damage. This is football, where is what happened the week before? The fact that the players of the national team have an increased load – yes, of course. Play three games of 90 minutes in six days – of course, the load is huge, even purely physical.

– Soslan Gatagov said on Match TV that some of Spartak’s players told him that the training camp with Ruy Vitoria was the easiest in their career. Did you feel it? The fact that the Spartak players did not come in the best shape.

– I am incompetent to talk about it. Players from Spartak, Dynamo, Zenit, CSKA arrived. It is clear that they arrive in a different state for many factors. The fees are different for everyone, the load in the games is different for each player, someone always plays in the main team, someone is given a pause; some have already played in the Champions League, like Spartak and Benfica; someone played more games, someone less, someone more minutes, someone less. Everything is in a different state, so I’m not ready to say what exactly this or that state is.



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