How travel changes us and our body for the better.


Many people talk about travel with enthusiasm – and even after a while they remember them with no less enthusiasm. There is an explanation for this – a change of environment directly proportionally affects the state of a person, his psyche and physical form.

New experiences and skills

In an unfamiliar environment, our brain develops: it creates new neural connections, and this improves the quality of life. One interesting study shows that those whose brains are rich in the number of these connections get higher education, lead a healthy lifestyle, are in good psychological condition and are generally satisfied with themselves.

Strengthening mental health

According to psychologist Alina Sotova, a change in environment and a change in environmental conditions have a positive effect on a person’s mental health. Sooner or later, we are all drawn into routine and a lot becomes familiar.

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The body needs new impressions, emotions and experiences in order to produce hormones such as dopamine and endorphin – this has a very positive effect on the psyche. If the journey responds to a person, is not associated with any negative experiences and meets his needs, then it will definitely be beneficial.

Any travel has healing properties, especially in nature. I have friends who travel to the baths and organize special bath tours. My wife and I in Dagestan went to thermal springs.

In general, travel helps to improve health. Of course, if you don’t fall off a cliff somewhere into a cliff, you don’t run into an angry elephant, or you just don’t get bitten by a wild dog in some village.

Planning a trip, finding accommodation and buying tickets takes a lot of time and effort, but even that is rewarding. In small doses, stress will not harm, because a little shake-up and a way out of the routine make us more collected, flexible, find a way out of difficult situations and come up with unusual solutions.

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Moreover, how difficult the route will be does not really matter – even an ordinary trip out of town can present many surprises. What can we say about more distant routes – these are always interesting meetings, unique nature, new impressions, and at the same time unforeseen situations, hitchhiking, sleepless nights. But this is the special atmosphere and meaning of travel.



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