How to store vegetables for the winter in an apartment – the secrets of smart housewives who do not have a cellar


How to save the harvest of vegetables for gardeners who do not have a cellar. Onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, beets require special skill for long-term storage in an apartment. If stored improperly, they can either dry out or sprout and rot. figured out what to do with vegetables in order to keep them in the apartment for the winter.

Storing potatoes

The ideal temperature for potatoes is 4-7 degrees, potatoes like dark and dry places. In an apartment, this is usually an insulated balcony or loggia. Before storing, the tubers must be dried, and the remains of the earth must be swept away from them. This will prevent future rotting. It is important to inspect the potatoes for diseased or spoiled fruit and should be thrown away.

Ideal for storage is a non-woven or burlap bag or box that allows air to pass through. Potatoes can be adjacent to beets, they will absorb moisture from their neighbors, due to this they will not dry out.

To prevent rot from developing, potatoes can be overlaid with fresh leaves of wormwood or mountain ash. If rot appears, then the potato should be thrown away, and the neighboring ones should be used first in cooking.

Storing carrots

Carrots, like potatoes, should be stored at a low above-zero temperature; a balcony or loggia is ideal. But it is not recommended to store it together with potatoes.

You can put the root vegetables in a box or bag of sugar, cover them with sawdust or onion peels and wrap them in an old blanket. The shelf life of carrots is no more than 100 days.

Beet storage

At room temperature, beets will be stored for no more than a week. To make a reserve for the winter, the root crop needs a temperature of 1-4 degrees Celsius and high humidity. We already wrote above that it is well adjacent to potatoes. It also needs to be pre-dried and cleaned from the ground.

Onion storage

The best place for a bow in an apartment is a mezzanine, a heated balcony or loggia. The main thing is to be dry and have access to air.Large bulbs are suitable for storage, without external damage. Small ones should be primarily used in food preparation. Bitter and sweet varieties, white and red onions should be stored separately.

Storing garlic

Garlic is best stored at 1-4 degrees Celsius. It, like the bow, can be stored in stockings and tights, hanging from the ceiling. Often onion heads are woven into bundles and also hung. It can be stored at room temperature, but not for as long. Some housewives use the waxing method. The onion heads are dipped into molten paraffin wax (you can warm it up in a saucepan), so it does not dry out.

Storing cabbage

Heads of cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator, after removing the outer leaves and wrapping them in plastic wrap. They are able to live there for up to 3 months. You can also store cabbage on the balcony.



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