How India’s borders will open for tourists from Russia


Indian authorities are actively discussing the opening of borders for Russian tourists .

According to information received by the media from a representative of the Russian Embassy in India , it is known that Russians will arrive in India through the airports of New Delhi and Goa.

In the coming months, foreign guests, including Russian citizens, will be able to enter the country for tourist purposes. The exact date has not yet been announced, but it is planned that the opening of the borders of India will take place gradually.

According to the government project, Goa will be open for free rest after all local residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to statistics, tourists who come to the resort usually do not leave its borders, however, those arriving in New Delhi often see the city as a starting point for traveling around the country. At the same time, it is important to take into account that in different regions of India now there may be different conditions for entry and stay in their territory.

The Indian authorities are planning to issue the first half a million travel visas free of charge. Presumably, quotas for their receipt will be distributed among several countries.

To enter India, Russian tourists need:

negative result of PCR testing for covid (regardless of vaccination status);

COVID-19 vaccination certificate in English (must be specified in advance).

All data on antiquity status, as well as a copy of the passport and boarding pass must be uploaded to the portal of the airport of arrival.

Goa and Delhi have already been included in the list of air routes permitted from Russia, along which flight programs can be launched from October. Flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg are planned. Entry to India for tourism purposes is currently closed.



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