Healthcare Trends for 2021


Predicting health trends for the next year at standard time usually involves examining the effect of the current emphasis while balancing future needs. But we are not living in normal times. Prediction during a global health pandemic is driven by one persistent need: a safety, effective coronavirus vaccine delivered to the general public. COVID will continue to be in huge demand in 2021, but two other main areas are likely to emerge – one that affects how health care is provided, the other about how care is provided.

Cure for COVID

This week, news broke that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective was initially greeted with excitement and optimism. The headline was promising, providing almost complete prevention of symptomatic illness. However, the full details of the study analysis have not yet been published. This void left scientists and doctors with questions about the individuals included in the test .. What were their ages and origins? We know the virus poses the greatest risk to children, pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems, pre-existing conditions, comorbidities, and the elderly. Will this vaccine be effective in protecting against possible recontamination?

One of the victories in the Pfizer vaccine trial was that it used a new RNA messenger. (mRNA) technology. This delivery system trains the immune system to target the spikes (peak protein) of the coronavirus, compared to using a small dose of the virus to allow the body to fight and overcome the infection. Much of what we have learned about mRNA vaccines comes from cancer research, where oncology uses tumor mRNA to activate the body’s T cells (part of the immune system) to destroy cancerous tumors. Researchers in the field acknowledge that there is much unknown in mRNA, such as whether these vaccines can elicit a strong and safe immune response in humans that does not cause side effects such as inflammation or aggravate infection.

Coronavirus research hopes that mRNA will turn healthy body cells into hunters, an almost antiviral power that prevents those who receive a dose of the vaccine from contracting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Another sign of support for an mRNA vaccine is that it is easier to mass produce than traditional vaccines. Scientific experts estimate only a few months instead of the standard 1-2 years to produce.

Lost in the excitement of pushing the first COVID vaccine candidate to market with distribution problems. For one, Pfizer vaccines must be administered within five days of thawing at freezing temperatures. If not, the shots go badly. This poses a logistical challenge, not only in the creation of a deep-freeze storage / transmission network for transporting drugs, but also in vaccination centers that have adequate storage facilities. The World Health Organization has announced its goal of raising nearly $ 20 billion in vaccine procurement for poorer countries. Even with relief funds, there will be many areas that cannot afford to build proper facilities or are simply too far from safe, reliable transportation. Modern, one of many other possible COVID vaccine manufacturers, shared that he expects to receive news on the first analysis of his testing by the end of the month. As the picture becomes clearer about the efficacy of possible vaccines and how drugs are administered, we can understand the point of view of health experts that basicallyseveral COVID vaccines .

New horizons of healthcare

The search for possible positives during a pandemic indicates an increased role for technology in healthcare. “This will be a growing part of how we are delivering care to more people,” states the doctor. Connor healey, board certified cardiologist with Capital Cardiology Associates. “While telehealth is great for mainstream providers, it can be a challenge for specialist doctors. In cardiology, it is difficult to conduct virtual meetings without access to ECGs or vital patient information while at home. ” However, like many healthcare providers in the US, Capital Cardiology has shifted our focus to include virtual visits as an option for patients during a pandemic. This will continue to grow as telemedicine services improve, including features such as Bluetooth stethoscopes and diagnostic equipment that can be operated by a technician or patient care provider and simultaneously checked by a physician connected at a remote location.

Mobile health has emerged in the form of wearable devices & fitness trackers and remote monitoring, which offers doctors and healthcare providers the ability to view patient health data in real time. Mobile healthcare also includes health apps, user-centric programs and software. installed on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices that combine huge amounts of data into one reporting module. The Apple Health app, for example, takes information from devices and displays them in one place. We live in a time when your healthcare provider can take a quick look at the Health app on your iPhone for information about changes in your activity, cholesterol or blood pressure, or sleep patterns.

The downside of collecting health data is privacy and security concerns. Many lawyers predict that through integrated data collection like the Apple Health app, the same devices used in smart home technologies to turn on lights or heating and air conditioning will expose our data is at risk for hackers .. As the tech giants (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) call it, Big Data hosts millions of identifiable medical records on servers and storage devices out of the reach of an individual user .. The collection and use of that user’s data will remain a problem with the law and policy until there are clear rules on how much health information is covered in user agreements,highlighted in small print in the apps and devices we use .. American consumers seek greater control over the use of our data, who has access to it, and wants to be able to make decisions about how a company can interact with us in advertising and marketing received from using their product .



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