Dust, vegetation or humidity allergies? This is how a mosquito net helps you.


    The time of most mosquito presence may have passed but nevertheless surface dust, pollen, larvae and allergens are still there, therefore, for people who suffer from allergy and respiratory problems every day, spring does not it is the only season that brings complications. With the arrival of the cold, the itching and discomfort from moving substances continue. Why the mosquito net is recommended.

    For many it is a useful resource only in summer, however, science has shown that roller window blinds adapt to every month helping to combat allergies, and, luckily, companies in the sector such as Dam Instalaciones reflect it by offering them everything. year.
    It is that mosquito nets become an essential element when the entrances to homes, gardens, terraces and nearby patios have fountains, plants in great quantity, flowers or you live near humid areas such as rivers. All surfaces more impacted by the presence of pollen, dust or insects that can fly from one place to another and lay eggs.

    Ventilation and fresh air without fear of particles

    There are two factors that for all symptoms of respiratory and eruptive skin conditions can be chaotic and cause allergies beyond insects: pollen in suspension and dust.

    In this way, and following the previous example, thinking about opening the windows and doors to air the rooms at times when the weather and sun are good, can mean a true commitment to the health of the person in question. With reactions that range from itching of the nose and eyes, to mild or moderate nasal problems, aches, coughs and brief colds, and that occur when these agents invade the internal area of ​​the body.

    The main particles that enter from outside do so bringing substances that damage respiration and the dermis, such as fungi, toxins and microorganisms.

    In these cases, the most widely used roll-up mosquito nets, located in specific accesses, act by trapping any external presence of the environment, freeing the spaces by acting as a true filter.

    The most intelligent way found to solve it is by taking advantage of the mosquito net, more info here , in openings, also in the autumn and winter season, to be able to enjoy ventilation and light and air entry without fear of risks associated with allergies.

    A second important benefit has to do with the no need to use insecticides of any kind, which can be very harmful to your own health, and also to small children and pets, while the nets help to avoid the passage of these and so they can lean out of windows without being in danger, hurting themselves or falling.



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