Discover Halloween traditions around Europe


Are you ready to discover Europe through its traditions on the Day of the Dead and Halloween parties?

This year the calendar is being generous with holidays and next November 1 it rewards us with a Monday off to be able to extend the weekend. These 3 days give you the opportunity to travel to one of the European destinations whose uniqueness in the celebration of Halloween or the Day of the Dead will pleasantly surprise you
Here are some ideas to travel to Europe on this November Bridge and enjoy the unique celebrations that take place in some countries.
-> Ireland : The popular Samhain is a pagan festival of Celtic origin. During the night it is believed that the barrier between the world of the living and that of the deceased is very vulnerable and both worlds communicate and the deceased have the opportunity to return to the world of the living to be reunited with their loved ones. Since not all spirits are good, people wear costumes and masks to disguise themselves as evil spirits, light bonfires, and leave food outside to avoid damage. Derry is one of the most traditional cities today.

-> Scotland : Edinburgh , the capital of this country is a perfect excuse to travel to Scotland. But on Halloween you can also enjoy the Edinburgh Horror Festival , which will resume its activity in 2021 from October 28 to 31. During these days you can take terrifying tours of the city, experience new sensations in its diabolical attractions or participate in the most horrifying parade of horrible creatures in Europe.

-> Czech Republic : Less than 1 hour from Prague is Ketan Hora , a typical city in the interior of the Czech Republic that still preserves many medieval and baroque buildings. What attracts many visitors is its famous Chapel of Bones , located in the city’s cemetery. It is said that in the 13th century a priest brought land from Jerusalem to the cemetery and all the parishioners wanted to bury themselves there. This meant that the cemetery overflowed so it was decided to display the bones of the deceased in the chapel. Later, a 19th century artist shaped this new chapel, which, although it is a bit gloomy, is worth visiting at this time.

-> Romania : The story of Count Dracula never dies and Halloween is a special date to visit his castle. Activities on the day include Halloween tours that include Romanian cuisine, live Romanian and medieval folk music, or a Halloween party reenacting Count Dracula’s famous wedding at Hunyadi Castle .

-> Belgium : The city of Ostend has been holding different Halloween activities throughout the month of October for some years. All the streets, shops and monuments are decorated with ghostly motifs, special sweets are prepared for these dates and the city is filled with horror tours and activities for children, culminating on October 31 with a great costume parade.

-> Spain : Halloween has spread to many Spanish cities and in some of them we can find such special traditions as the Festival de las Animas in Soria, the Fiesta de loss Finals in Tenerife or the Castaneda in Catalonia. In addition, in this community we can enjoy the special programming that Port Aventura has developed for Halloween .

There are many ways to honor the deceased on this day. Among the rituals that we find, altars decorated with flowers, candles, food offerings or the favorite articles of the deceased predominate. Other cities decorate their streets with terrifying symbols such as skulls, ghosts or cobwebs in the purest American Halloween style and others carry out curious activities to celebrate this day.

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