Departments of full-time education


Specialty “Photography”

Today photography is an independent field of science, technology and art. On the one hand, to obtain photographic images, knowledge of equipment, techniques and technology of photographic production is required. On the other hand, the resulting photographic image can become a work of art.

In the specialty “Photography”, admission is carried out on the basis of general basic education.

The term of study is 2 years 10 months .

Entrance test: Competition of the average score of the document on education.

Upon completion of training, the qualification is awarded: Technician-technologist (photographer, operator of computer graphics).

In the process of training, students receive working professions: a photographer (4-6 grade), a computer graphics operator (6 grade).

For a specialist, knowledge of the technical side of photography is not enough; knowledge of the laws of photocomposition and the ability to use them are necessary. The converse is also true: to create photographic images as works of art, knowledge of equipment, techniques and technology of photo production is required. It should also be noted that photography is a service sector, communication with people.

This is the specifics of the work of a specialist in the field of photography.

Considering that photography is currently used in various areas of human life, there is a demand for specialists.

Specialists in the photography profession work in various enterprises. If you need an artistic portrait or a snapshot for a document, you go to photography. It is necessary to receive photographs from the photographic film you shot, flash cards. You go to the modern mini-laboratories of the firms “Kodak”, “Fuji”, “Konica” – specialists will help you. You need to get photographs for advertising – advertising agencies will also help you. Many well-known videographers and cinematographers began their career with photography. You can also meet specialists in the photography profession at other enterprises: photographic laboratories at factories, factories, archives, museums and so on.

The sphere of professional activity of a specialist is:

photographic consumer services enterprises of various organizational and legal forms;

photo laboratories of enterprises, organizations of various organizational and legal forms;

photo laboratories of advertising agencies, mass media of various organizational and legal forms;

design, research organizations.


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