Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe


Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe

If you wish chocolate desserts you’ve got to undertake this recipe. We teach you how to prepare a moist, easy and fluffy chocolate cake, without a doubt, one of the tastiest you have ever tasted! In addition, although in Free Recipes we give you some ideas to fill and decorate this wet chocolate cake, you can always let your imagination fly and do it your way.

With this easy chocolate cake you will surprise all your guests and you will be the perfect host, because it is fluffy and very juicy. If you want to learn the recipe for this moist chocolate cake for approximately 30 people, follow the steps to the letter, prepare a meld between 24 and 30 cm in diameter and learn how to prepare a decorated moist chocolate cake, soft, fluffy, with a lot of flavour and in a simple way so that you can make it on any occasion worth its salt.

30 people 1h 30m Dessert Low difficulty

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Ingredients to make Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake:

3 cups of flour (420 grams)

3 cups of sugar (600 grams)

2½ teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon leaven or royal yeast

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of ground cinnamon

1½ cups cocoa or cocoa powder

1½ cups oil

2 cups of milk (480 millilitres)

2 teaspoons white vinegar

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

4 units of eggs

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How to make Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake:


To make this decorated moist chocolate cake, take a large bowl and sift the flour together with the cocoa, bicarbonate and baking powder. Add two cups of sugar, salt and cinnamon and blend well.

Tip: To get a very fluffy moist chocolate cake, it is better to sift all the dry ingredients.

Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe – Step 1


Separate the whites from the egg yolks. Add the oil and milk to the previous mixture and blend well. Then, to continue with the preparation of the moist and fluffy cake , add the vinegar and continue beating.

Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe – Step 2


Now add the egg yolks and therefore the vanilla essence and continue mixing. Aside, beat the whites until stiff with the remaining sugar and incorporate them into the mixture with the help of a spatula, making gentle enveloping movements.

Tip: The whites to the point of snow will add even more air to this wet chocolate cake.

Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe – Step 3


Pour the batter of the wet chocolate sponge cake into a previously floured and greased baking tin and bake it at 180 ºC (with the oven previously preheated) for 50 minutes.

To check that the homemade chocolate cake is ready, poke it with a wooden toothpick and if it comes out clean, it is well done. Otherwise, we recommend that you review this article of ours to find out why the cake has been raw.

Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe – Step 4


Remove the moist chocolate cake from the oven, let it cool on a rack at room temperature, and then unmould it. If you want, you can cut the wet brownie in half and fill it with chocolate frosting (or any other flavour you want). Then cover the cake with a homemade ganache and you can now enjoy with the whole family and friends this decorated moist chocolate cake.

To obtain an even more moist and fluffy chocolate cake, mix a cup of milk cream with chocolate covering, cocoa and sugar to taste in a double boiler, prick several areas of the moist chocolate cake with the help of pastry syringes (or similar ) and cover it also with this mixture instead of the ganache. You’re going to love it!

Decorated Chocolate Moist Cake Recipe – Step 5

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How to make a moist chocolate cake easier

If you prefer to make the recipe for the moist chocolate cake easier, just follow the steps up to number 4 and omit 5, this way you will get an equally fluffy and delicious moist chocolate cake, but you will save all the work of making the filling and topping.

So you can use the wet chocolate cake as is or simply decorate it with some birthday candles or a little whipped cream for desserts on any occasion worth its salt.


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