CSKA Moscow – Spartak: derby of the middle peasants. Today, a lot can be decided for Rui Vitoria and Alexei Berezutsky


The matches between CSKA and Spartak have become iconic in the last twenty years. But if things continue to progress at such a pace, then this thesis will have to be revised. Well, what kind of derby is this for all time, when there are eighth and ninth in the standings?

In the 21st century, it has not yet happened that both one and the other rivals were so low by the time of a full-time battle. And in general, in the entire Russian history, this happened only once – in the first round of the Czech Republic-1998, when the 8th and 9th teams also played (the sum of places – 17). True, at that time Spartak had two matches in reserve, and in the end, let me remind you, became the champion. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to imagine such a thing now. CSKA, after a super run in the second round, took silver.

There was, however, back in 2001, when the red and whites were on the second line, and CSKA – on the 16th (total places – 18), but this happened in the third round, and things were going sadly only at PFC.

In general, whatever one may say, the derby this time will take place at a turning point – each team has a bunch of problems. The more valuable will be a victory over a super-principled opponent.

September 12 & nbsp; Arsenal & nbsp; & mdash; CSKA & nbsp; & mdash; 2: 2.

CSKA couldn’t win in Tula. Derby vs Spartak will be a match of the middle peasants

Both for Alexei Berezutsky and for Rui Vitoria, the importance of the meeting cannot be overestimated. Do not forget that the young army coach was appointed instead of Ivica Olic rather unexpectedly – the Croat played only a few rounds at the end of the previous championship. For the sake of what such a sudden castling of one novice specialist to another? For the ninth place? Moreover, after a powerful transfer campaign a year ago, CSKA will certainly have great expectations. Well, we set aside a year for adaptation, but for the second, the shareholders will clearly want to see the fruits. And they have not yet been observed.

The army team will take three points – Berezutsky will sharply improve his affairs. Spartacus click on the nose – once. To pull up to the leading group – two. A completely different mood. And they will lose … Well, you understand.

Rui Vitoria. “

Spartacus “- on fire. Vitoria is a lame duck. The running in a circle continues. Column Kazakov

Roughly the same applies to Vitoria, who found himself in a difficult situation when they were fighting at the top, and the forelocks of coaches and football players were cracking. They expected from the Portuguese, if not miracles, as in the pre-season tournament, where they crushed everyone in a row, then at least performances at the level of Domenico Tedesco – being in the leading three. Desirable with a more entertaining football than in the 2020/21 season, because the German specialist was criticized for being overly straightforward.

So far, “Spartak” has not only taken a step forward, but is confidently moving back. And the defeat from the army would be another blow to Rui’s positions after the fiasco with Legia. The leaders who have publicly expressed their support for the Portuguese so far are understandable. After all, the person just came to the club, did not receive an increase in the composition, on the contrary, he lost Kral, objectively Vitoria is difficult. But patience is also not unlimited. Moreover, on the eve of the celebration of the centenary of “Spartak”, which was associated with such bright hopes.

In general, there is a lot at stake in derby. It remains to find out who will break the bank.

Jordan Larsson and & nbsp; Igor Akinfeev.

Basic information on the CSKA derby – Spartak

Derby is the centerpiece of the signage tour. But not according to the results of CSKA and Spartak

By the 8th round of the Russian Championship, CSKA and Spartak reached unusually low places. Both teams have 10 points each and are eighth and ninth. The rating of the country’s main derby, which is calculated by the average place of the participants in the meeting, is 8.5 points. The same indicator was in the game “Akhmat” – “Krasnodar”, and the matches “Rubin” – “Zenit” and “Sochi” – “Dynamo”, purely mathematically, are much more consistent with the status of the central ones.

Rating of matches of the 8th round of the RPL.

Rating of matches of the 8th round of the RPL.

For the fourth time in the history of the Russian championships, the rating of the CSKA – Spartak match is 8.5. Previously, this happened in 1997 and 2000, when the army team was at the bottom of the tournament table, and in 1998, when the teams also took eighth and ninth places, but the red-whites had two games less. The weakest rated derby (9.0) took place on March 31, 2001. On that day, Spartak, who was running second, defeated CSKA, which was the last in the peloton, with a minimum score thanks to a goal by Vasily Baranov.


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