A few words about the style and its founder


In my understanding, a headshot is a portrait above the chest, taken using three backgrounds: white, gray or black. In this case, a special cropping is applied with a slight cropping of the crown of the head. Photography connoisseurs will say that this is a violation of the rules of composition, but headshot photography is an exception in this case. It is this kind of framing that makes it possible to “position” a person’s eyes closer to the viewer and concentrate his attention on the most important – the triangle – the eyes and lips.

Unlike classic photography, this allows you to most fully convey the emotions and character of the model. In the age of global internet socialization, professionally executed headshot photography makes it possible to become more visible in the long list of contacts of social networks and instant messengers.

In headshot portraits, the model’s gaze is directed to the camera, it is open and expressive, which allows you to open up in the zone of Trust, Openness and Confidence.

# 1 photographer in the world of headshot photography is the American portrait photographer Peter Hurley. At one time, I became the first Russian photographer to undergo author’s training with Peter, and received the status of an associate photographer in the Headshotcrew association. This gave me the opportunity to start developing and promoting the genre of headshot photography in Russia. Until that moment, no one in the post-Soviet space had done anything like that.

Advantages and differences from traditional photography

Firstly, headshot portraits can be shot both in the studio and at locations using special professional equipment.

Secondly, in the process of shooting, all photos are displayed on the computer, and the client can immediately, even in the course of work, evaluate the result. The WOW effect that the model gets when looking at the resulting frames plays an important role.

Thirdly, headshot photography involves a huge amount of psychological work for the photographer. It prepares a person for shooting, helps to relax, or vice versa, to concentrate and tune in the right way. This allows you to get truly stunning pictures – bright, expressive, eye-catching.

The relevance of headshot portraits can hardly be overestimated. This is the best choice for those who value style, creativity, and need high-quality pictures for a portfolio, a photo on a resume , posting in social networks and on various Internet resources. Headshot photos look great everywhere and do their job 100%, presenting you in the best possible way.

By contacting our studio and ordering a headshot portrait, you get not only a lot of impressions, but also a number of advantages:

photographs correspond to the world quality standard and are created using the latest professional equipment and modern software;

due to special preparation, you forget about the excitement and thoughts of not being photogenic. We make the shooting process exciting and interesting, we help to relax and feel like a professional model. For this, the studio’s specialists conduct a high-class modeling training, thanks to which a person who has not previously filmed in the studio feels confident and comfortable;

we do not make the portraits unnecessarily edited – only minor photo processing is used. Our goal is to emphasize naturalness, and not to change the appearance beyond recognition. It’s a completely different genre.


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