33.5 percent of Russians have never thought about the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry


Oskelly conducted a study among Russian users of online shopping services and found that more than 60 percent of Russians are familiar with the practice of reselling and that for them the decisive factor when buying is the size of the discount on wardrobe items. More than 2 thousand people took part in the company’s survey, the research was carried out on the basis of the Yandex.Vzglyad service.

Resale is the resale of luxury items: new with a tag, as well as used items in excellent condition. Today it is one of the fastest growing areas in the fashion industry, which has gained even more popularity during the pandemic. Research shows that by 2024 the global turnover of the resale marketplace market will reach 64 billion US dollars, surpassing the growth rate of “fast fashion”.

In order to compose a portrait of the Russian user of resale – marketplaces, Oskelly conducted a large-scale survey among customers of online clothing and accessories stores, and found out how often they use resale platforms, what things they buy there, how important is the discount size and whether they thought about harm to the environment caused by the production of clothing.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents use regular online stores more often than resale marketplaces (65 percent). 18.6 percent of respondents said that they constantly buy things through resale sites and 16.4 percent answered that they used resale services only a few times. Choosing between new things with a tag and used ones in excellent condition, 38.1 percent of respondents noted that when buying them, the size of the discount is more important than the fact that it was already in use. 31.9 percent of survey participants said that they were ready to buy only new things on resale marketplaces, 17 percent said they were ready to buy used ones in excellent condition, and 12.3 percent said that for them resale is an opportunity to purchase luxury items (used) with a big discount.

Answering the question “how much are you willing to spend on used wardrobe items,” 48.5 percent of the respondents noted that it is important for them that the discount be at least 80 percent of the price of the same new thing. 20.5% of respondents are ready to buy used luxury wardrobe items for 50% of the price of the same new one, 20.2% said they are considering a purchase with a 30% discount and 10.8% are ready to purchase used luxury wardrobe items 70% discount off the price of the same new thing.


What people buy on resell marketplaces


The majority of survey participants (43.9 percent) noted that it is more important for them that the thing they buy is made of natural material, regardless of the environmental damage caused during its production. 33.5 percent of respondents said that they had never thought about the environmental damage caused by the clothing industry, and only 22.6 percent said that the issue of environmental harm is important to them and that they buy only the things they need.

“Compared to the countries of the USA and Europe, in Russia the practice of circulating wardrobe and buying things on resale platforms is only gaining momentum. And today the decisive factor is still the size of the discount on luxury items, and the culture of conscious consumption is just beginning to take hold in the minds of the Russian online shopper, ”comments Albert Oskanov, co-founder and CEO of Oskelly. “But we see positive trends – because of the opportunity to buy luxury items in excellent condition at a good discount, people are more likely to think about how important it is to strive to reduce excess production of clothing,” he concluded.


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